GCal Appointments 1 Hour Early During Daylight Saving Time


Issue #1

I believe I have finally gotten the Appointments+ Plugin integrated with Google Calendar to the point where it is syncing back and forth almost perfectly. My major issue now is that all of my appointments after the start of Daylight Savings Time (March 9, 2014 2AM) are reading as one hour too early. I am hoping this is a simple fix with a code snippet of some sort that will tell the plugin to set the appointments one hour later.

Issue #2 – Totally Separate:

If I block something off from 3-4pm in Gcal, is it possible that I can also be unavailable for an appointment in the time base periods immediately before and after? So if my time base was 30, I would appear as actually busy from 2:30 to 4:30? I realize we can also solve this by changing the time of the appointment in GCal to 2:59-4:01 — would it be possible to do that within the code of A+ to where it blocks off one minute before and after?

Thank you.