Gcal integration with Appointments+ and Time Base settings

I’m working on integrating GCal with Appointments+. I have a single user for which I need to be able to get GCal to push “busy” appointments to Appointments+, thus making it impossible for users to book appointments at that time.

In Appointments+, I’m using a 60 minute Time Base. All of my appointments should be 60 minutes long, and they all should start/end on the top/bottom of each hour. The 60 minute time base seems to be the only way to ensure that this happens from a user-interface perspective.

However, if I have an appointment in GCal that starts at half-past an hour (and runs for, say 60 minutes), Appointments+ pulls it in, but ignores it. The only “fix” seems to be to change the Time Base to a interval of 30 minutes.

Is there anyway to address this problem?