GDPR Questions


I have questions re GDPR and specifically about data shared with WPMUDEV via Hub connection into all my websites. I have to declare any third party data sharing and any users data which goes offsite and outwith the EEA, plus ensure that if such happens then the companies involved are covered by privacy directives like the Privacy shield in the US or equivalent.

I'm concerned that this hub connection, and indeed any of the WPMUDEV suite of plugins falls under this. I 'm also looking for a statement from all the plugin developers I use as to their GDPR Readiness and their role as either a data controller or a data processor in relation to my sites, and my use of WPMUDEV Hub and plugin suites needs to be covered here.

I am confident you will be able to address this and give me the relevant facts and documentation I require to put into my GDPR Assessment and also my Privacy notice, plus cookie policy where relevant,