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I have support access on for Is there an easy way to put GDPR transparency messages on the contact form and the mailchimp form on the site? Client is running a mail chimp for wordpress plugin. Also where can I get the text for the transparency message? Akismet is on the site and displays one for it's product.

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    Hello cornelius_butler

    I hope you're having a great day!

    As for the contact form. This seems to be created with Contact Form 7 so you can go to "Contact - Contact Forms" page in the site's back-end to edit the form. Then you could add the checkbox to the form along with your "GDPR Message" so the user would have to check the checkbox.

    As for the mailchmp form. I checked the site and the form in the sidebar is just a form code directly supplied from mailchimp. It doesn't seem to use any plugin or a widget - it's just form embed code in a standard text widget. I see that the MailChimp for WP plugin is installed but it's not actually used. It's connected to the MailChimp but there's no form created in it and no form from it is used on site. I think you should start with that and first create a form (via MailChimp for WP - Forms page in site's back-end) and then replace current form on page with the form/widget from that plugin. If it still doesn't contain GDPR checkbox, you might need to go for an alternative solution.

    Such a solution could be e.g. our own Hustle with MailChimp e-mail collection and there's a built-in option to display GDPR checkbox.

    If it comes to the message text though, please note that nor me neither company we are not law specialists or lawyers so please consult a professional lawyer about that.

    Kind regards,

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