General and group forums threads displayed in separate panels at /forums


Patrick was helping me with this on a chat session, so maybe he's the one best suited for this, though if anybody else can help me here, that's fine too. I'm trying to have general and group forum threads displayed at /forums, each on its respective panel. Following the instructions in a tutorial provided by Patrick, all I have to do is to upload this file: to a bbpress folder created in my child theme. I've done that, but it didn't work, as users can't see the threads from the general forums displayed on its panel at /forums. My guess is that it isn't working because my parent theme doesn't have a bbpress folder -no idea why though. Like I said, I've created a bbpress folder in my child and uploaded the file into it, but it looks like that wasn't enough.

The tutorial:

In case you guys need, support access is active and the FTP login data was sent yesterday with the name of Michael Bissett in he subject line.