General quality of marketpress?

I just wanted some feedback from people with more experience using this suite of products than I have.

My first experience has been installing the membership plugin. I've found it to be incredibly buggy. Shortcodes not working, misdocumentation regarding how pdfs are protected, and some pretty big deficiencies compared to the membership package I'm migrating away from (though it had the problem of being incompatible with woocommerce).

The reason I bought this package was I hoped it would seamlessly integrate with the ecommerce storefornt, making for a smooth operating site. But given my experiences so far I'm wondering if I should cut my losses and look for options. It seems on the face of it like the store plugin may have some advantages designwise over woocommerce, but woocommerce seems very efficient. And if the marketplace plugin is as buggy as the membership one, I'd rather just walk away.

Any experiences and thoughts on plugins beyond membership? Is it the worst of the bunch, or am I likely to be facing the same type of problem every step of the way? Thanks for any input.