General question about USPS plugins

I'm hoping you can provide me insight into a plugin i purchased for woocommerce for USPS shipping rates. it's a general question...Where do you think the issue lies if the USPS plugin doesn't return the correct rates? A million times i've compared the weights of a website 'm working on with the rates that the USPS site returns...Standard post is correct but Priority Mail is the one that is wrong. Not sure what other infomraiton to provide you about this so let me know what would help. Can you offer any advice?

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @iiswansongii,

    I can't really say for sure as I have very little experience with woocommerce as it's not one of our products.

    I note there's quite a few USPS plugins for woocommerce tho.

    I know you have to make sure that you set the correct weights and sizes. But other than that i'm not sure what could be wrong. Have you asked over at woocommerce to see if their developers can help?


  • iiswansongii
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    that's okay. i just assumed that wpmudev offered general support of wordpress and functionality. I've tried contacting the individuals who created the plugin (which is woothemes who created woocommerce of all people) and have been unsuccessful in my dealings. They are pointing fingers at usps and usps is pointing fingers back at the plugin so i'm hoping to find advice elsewhere.

    again thanks for your prompt reply...i'll take a look at the search you did on google to see if maybe i just need another plugin.

    any other advice anyone else has to give is welcome.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    no problem, we do offer general support of wordpress, but when it comes to other plugins, especially premium plugins, we can only offer support really if we are actually familiar with them if you get what I mean, we'll try to help if we can but it's always best to contact the developers of those plugins directly because they know their own products better than we would. I wouldn't personally know whether that behaviour was normal for the plugin or whether it's an actual bug. I would presume something is a miss tho, USPS has an API so i would assume USPS calculations are correct on their side, but the plugin may be reporting incorrect values to the USPS API, so is getting incorrect data back in return. I assume you have correctly set the weights and product sizes for each product in the store?

    It might be worth checking out one of the other usps plugins tho, as that might solve the issue.

    woothemes support is a little slow, but they will eventually respond i would hope anyway.


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