General questions about Marketpress' categories


I'm getting a "You do not have permission to do that." when I try to add categories as a regular user: That seems to happen only when I try adding the category through the page shown at the screenshot. When I go to (considering the user Mary Curry as example here) I can add caegories normally.

What I'd like to do is to create the global categories myself and make them available to the users to insert their products in these categories, as well as allow them to create categories of their own, which are displayed only at their products and stores, like here: (you can see the widget for that store's categories there).

If the above isn't possible, then I'd like to at least display at the homepage the categories users create. If that's the case, any ideas on how to avoid redundancy, since users are going to have identical categories many times?

In case you need, my credentials were sent around 2 months ago, with Sajid's name on it. Some of the staff already have them saved, so you can ask them: Michael Bisset, Tyler and I think Adam has them too.

Thanks. :slight_smile: