general questions about wordpress


¿i would like to make some general questions about wordpress?

1. ¿how many plugins should i install in a wordpress site, to avoid a slowly webpage? if i upgrade my hosting plan, could i install more plugins? ¿ is better to insert the code inside the wordpress files than install a plugin, to improve the site´s velocity?

2. if i install wordpress multisite, ¿could i safe resources?¿my webpage will be faster?

3. ¿how many profiles should i allow to create in a virtual comunity integrated with buddypress, how could i calculated the resorce´s spent to avoid a slowly page?

i´m creating a virtual community and i need to calculate the resources, costs, and other technicals items.

thanks a lot for your ansers,


  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @david

    Wow. That's a lot of questions, lol. :slight_smile:

    1. The number of plugins is not something that should really affect the performance of your site. How well they are coded, on the other hand, does matter a lot. Poorly coded plugins, or those that use clumsy or out-dated functions, can seriously hamper the performance of your site. You may wish to consider trying this plugin to help you determine which ones may be causing slow-downs:

    2. Activating WordPress multisite will do nothing to improve the performance of your site. Multisite simply means that your single site becomes a network consisting of a main site ( with unlimited sub-sites ( So, if any impact of performance could be expected, it would more likely be a slightly negative impact.

    3. Here again, the number of BuddyPress profiles is virtually irrelevant. All user data is stored in database tables like wp_users & wp_usermeta, and a single WordPress database can handle thousands of sites in a multisite network, each with thousands of entries. If you are anticipating a very large number of very active users (and I mean huge: several thousand users), you may want to eventually consider our Multi-DB plugin. But, as it seems you are just starting out with WordPress, do not get yourself bogged down with that just now; it can wait.

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