General Questions from a bp novice – Part 3

Hi guys. some more questions for you to keep you on your toes! IF you could kindly help me out here, thats would be great.

1. How do I modify the top admin bar for the frontend of buddypress? I know where the file is, but is there no other settings or anything?

2. How do I make the logout go to a custom page? I don’t want people to see the wp logout prompt page, or the wp success page.

3. When logged in, I can see every member on the website and look at their profile + groups + friends. Can you make it so that there is more privacy? As in, only make those kind of details available to people if they are friends of yours? At least can I remove the internal nav (friends, groups, activity, profile) which has links to them or something when on strangers pages? Suggestions? Code? Plugins?

4. I would like to remove the “Mention this user” for users that are not friends… its weird that it’s there for strangers?!

5. How do I change what profile information is public of private? There is an option for this somewhere right?

6. Is there any code I can use that will help me differentiate between your own profile and someone else’s? For instance, if I want to add a “view friend requests” under my latest update on my profile page, ill need to put some kind of condition in there or else it’ll appear on strangers/friends profiles too.

7. How do I echo the section I am in using php? If I am on the activity page, I’d like to show the words activity in a H2 or h3 tag somewhere, but I don’t know how to reference it. Does that make sense ?