General support for iOS app updates and branding

I have a series of questions regarding the iOS app. I have followed the instructions and created my logos, all I have left to do is make an app icon however I have some questions regarding branding and changing some basic settings.

1) I previously had commented out the "add site" option but I would like to leave this intact if I could remove the last two options (Edublogs campus site and add new edublogs site) and only leave the hosted option. If this is possible to do, I would also need to rebrand the hosted option by removing the word "edublogs" from the default field text for username and password.

2)Is there a way to change colors? I am not very familiar with iOS development so I was hoping someone could give me some basic instruction on changing the color of the blue screen on initial start-up and the blue banner that highlights your site in the sidebar. The reason why is my logo uses a similar color blue so I would prefer to add some contrast here.

3)Is there a way to rebrand the help menu that currently has the edublogs FAQ? If not, is there a way to remove it?

4)Is there a process where I can push updates of this app to my users at any time? I saw something in the main config file for an update URL but I am confused by this.

5)When WPMUDEV releases iOS app updates in the future, how do I integrate the updates without overriding the changes I have made as per the instruction manual?

  • PC

    Hello there Mike,

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    I am not too familiar with iOS development however as far as replacing the content and changing it with your own text and links is concerned, it can be done.

    Page 5 of the manual reads about the same.

    Regarding the color change, I'd ask my colleague @Alexander Rohmann who owns this plugin so that he can provide detailed information on if that is possible at the moment or not.

    As far as updates are concerned, as the app goes in apple store, you can update it as and when you need and the App Store would remind your users of the updates.

    If there is any update of the app in future, that would be done keeping that in mind as our users have already modified the app to suit their needs. However it would still need moving the code or adding the new code.

    @Alexander Rohmann should be around sooner than later.

    Cheers, PC

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