General way to do a grid?

In your Directory and other plugins, you properly display a grid using (div) and (li) etc rather than (td) and (tr), where I am using () rather than <> to post this message properly.

A popular plugin, WP-Table Reloaded, uses (td) and (tr) to display a grid.

Do you know of any general way or a plugin that will convert an Excel table or a CSV file into a WordPress grid using (div) and (li) ?

Here is a site that does this properly using values pulled from a database:



  • DavidM

    Hello Ed,

    I just wanted to return to this one after having searched and searched to no avail. I recall searching a while back for some sort of tool that would allow conversion to a div based layout from a data file like csv but instead found a whole lot of arguments regarding tables and divs.

    Ultimately, the only way I've found to achieve this is using a csv to html table converter and searching and replacing all the relevant table elements with divs. I rather thought the following online tool is perfectly suitable for this task.

    If you take a look at the javascript doing the conversion, it's actually very easy to get it to convert to divs rather than table elements. It's just that you would have to apply styling to the divs, otherwise they would have no display value. And styling options vary too greatly for it to be feasible.

    Perhaps others around here might have a better solution though.


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