General WPMUDEV Forum suggestion

I have found myself using the forums quite a lot in the last few weeks and once again just want to say a Huge thank you to all the staff thats helped me out, its great to know such an amazing resource is available to help us members :slight_smile:

I would also like to suggest some feature changes for the wpmudev website for the next update. (the changes made from the last one are beautiful really nice work on this theme)

to make it a bit easier for users to find their forum posts would it be possible to
1) in the past i was able to mark posts as complete. im not sure why thats disappeared ?
2) add a link in the top right user area "My Active threads" - see attached.
Then that could apply some automatic sorting to that user threads and display them in a list similar to the "All threads you're involved in." (but only showing active ones)
3) in the Dashboard have a few new links working in same way as (2)
- Threads awaiting staff response
- Threads awaiting your response - (this will save so much time for us instead of bookmarking or re-opening and searching for the ones still open)
- Completed Threads
- Other Threads (i.e. community ones where if you replied to another member it would be sorted into this one instead of the ones you created)

Im sure other users of wpmudev would also provide some other great suggestions after using the service and continue making this already incredible service even better.