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Hi guys,
I have been racking my tiny brain trying to establish which is the best Membership setup for me for my Multisite which is incorporating Buddypress. I wonder if I could trouble you guys for some feedback & your thoughts on what you may think is best. Here's my setup I am running, all versions are the very latest version;

Wordpress Multisite as a WPMUDev Full Member (therefore I do have access to Premium Plugins)
BlogMU Theme

Required Plugins currently installed;
Another WP Classifieds Plugin (unknown compatibility issue for the WPMUDev Classifieds means I have to use this one but that's okay)
Forums (I use as a Support Forum to distinguish from the Buddypress Groups/Forums)
Ultimate Facebook
Ideally I would like Gigpress but there appears to be a compatibility issue somewhere which I haven't had chance to look at yet

Required Member Profile Setup
Approx 10 Profile types (can be simplified to 3) with 3 access menus & rights/capabilities broken down as Profile Type 1 has access to all 3 menus with 2 levels a free level & a paid subscription level. Profile Type 2 has
access to 1 menu with 2 levels a free level & a paid subscription level & the remainder has access to 2 menus with 2 levels a free & a paid subscription level. Note this last set of Profiles as I say can be simplified to 1 Profile Type as their only difference is an Occupation Field on the Profile. I was thinking I may have to separate them all as an individual Profile Type so I can 'list' them by Occupation but if there is an easier way then I would do that. All rights on that one would be the same with the same menu.

Known Options to Me
These are the options I am aware of I could possibly use;
Define the Profile Fields for each different Profile using Buddypress Profile Field Setup
Define access rights plugins: Capability Manager, WP Roles at Registration,
Membership System: Membership Premium, Members, Supporter,

I am also aware of other Membership Systems outside of WPMUDev but these listed are above are the ones I know of on here.

So to sum up, I have multiple Profile Types each with 2 different access levels (one Free, one Premium). Profile Types as I say can be simplified to 3 Types with 2 access levels to make things easier.

Anyone running multiple Profile Types with a Membership System is welcome to share how they have theirs setup. Anyone with any advice, thoughts, comments, anything that may help would be appreciated. Thanks guys,


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Mark,

    Is there a particular plugin you were thinking to use for the Profile Types or were you perhaps thinking to use Membership levels to accommodate those?

    There are a number of conditional functions you can use to help in customizing those for use with Membership as detailed in the following thread, though this would involve coding a solution.

    Also, Ultimate Facebook's registration process wouldn't be compatible with Membership's registration process at this point, though all the other features should work fine alongside Membership.

    Those are the only two items I thought stood out as the other things you mentioned seem like they'd be relatively straightforward as far as setup. It's just the Profile Types I'm a bit unclear on.


  • Atkotech
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    Hi David,

    I'm currently using Buddypress own Profile Field Setup to enable me to define the Fields for each Profile as the Profile each member would be using is the Buddypress front end one rather than the Wordpress dashboard Profile. Most members won't have access to the dashboard area at all. Members would create an account using the Buddypress registration process by selecting their required Profile type as defined by their occupation. They would edit & make any changes to their Profile through Buddypress. This would define the initial FREE account for each profile type.

    I guess my first question would be is Membership compatible with Buddypress to the point it would be able to 'take over' each Profile type & handle the capabilities & access rights for each profile for this initial free account. For example if I had a Profiles A through to C & a visitor registers a free account & selects Profile Type A can then Membership plugin handle Profile A's access rights even though the Profile Type is created by Buddypress?

    If the answer is yes then I guess what I would then do is use Membership to handle any upgrade of Profile Types to a Premium Subscription and handle their capabilities & access rights too.

    That would probably be the simplest solution. My next question would be related to access rights.

    What is the easiest way to handle rights to areas of the Network? Am I right in saying that the simplest way is by allowing a profile access to certain categories therefore granting them access to those categories and by disallowing them refuses access? If you drag & drop from the right panel into the Positive and Negative fields what happens to what is left? For example if I have pages I want Profile A to have access to. I create a level for Profile A and quickest way is to add pages to a Category and allow Profile A access to that Category. If I have pages that are not in that Category and I haven't assigned them to a allow or deny then if they remain in the right panel does that mean they are not accessible or they are?

    At the moment I am just trying to get my head round how to manage this because I would probably have multiple pages & posts which I would not want all profiles to access. Thanks for your input.


  • Atkotech
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    Okay here is how my setup is now created. I created 3 Profile Types each with a Basic Membership Level & each with a Premium Membership & Subscription level. The problem I have is the actual signup. The plugin states it is compatible with Buddypress but wouldn't it be better for the plugin to allow you to choose which one handles the initial signup? The reason I ask this question is that I am using the Profile Fields plugin in Buddypress and a visitor to my site when signing up needs to select a proile type & whichever profile type he/she selects defines the profile fields for his/her profile. Obviously when selecting options in the membership plugin it does not give you the option to select the '.../register' which Buddypress uses, instead it will only lists pages that are physically created by the admin. My second question is I previously used other plugins relating to capabilties management and to define roles at registration, are these going to conflict with membership as they are still installed? It would be great if membership had features that could handle roles at registration and define profiles & fields. I'm wondering what my best way round this is, any help would be appreciated as this is my only stumbling block.

  • Philip John
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    Sorry for the delay responding to your questions.

    Membership does indeed work with BuddyPress but not as far as being able to influence profile fields setup.

    As for using the rules - anything left in that right hand panel does not influence your access levels. Only rules you move into the positive or negative areas have any impact.

    You should still be able to use your roles plugins with Membership as well, yes.

    Hope that helps!

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