General WPMUDev & Member Feedback on Best Membership Setup

Hi guys,

I have been racking my tiny brain trying to establish which is the best Membership setup for me for my Multisite which is incorporating Buddypress. I wonder if I could trouble you guys for some feedback & your thoughts on what you may think is best. Here’s my setup I am running, all versions are the very latest version;

WordPress Multisite as a WPMUDev Full Member (therefore I do have access to Premium Plugins)


BlogMU Theme

Required Plugins currently installed;

Another WP Classifieds Plugin (unknown compatibility issue for the WPMUDev Classifieds means I have to use this one but that’s okay)

Forums (I use as a Support Forum to distinguish from the Buddypress Groups/Forums)



Ultimate Facebook

Ideally I would like Gigpress but there appears to be a compatibility issue somewhere which I haven’t had chance to look at yet

Required Member Profile Setup

Approx 10 Profile types (can be simplified to 3) with 3 access menus & rights/capabilities broken down as Profile Type 1 has access to all 3 menus with 2 levels a free level & a paid subscription level. Profile Type 2 has

access to 1 menu with 2 levels a free level & a paid subscription level & the remainder has access to 2 menus with 2 levels a free & a paid subscription level. Note this last set of Profiles as I say can be simplified to 1 Profile Type as their only difference is an Occupation Field on the Profile. I was thinking I may have to separate them all as an individual Profile Type so I can ‘list’ them by Occupation but if there is an easier way then I would do that. All rights on that one would be the same with the same menu.

Known Options to Me

These are the options I am aware of I could possibly use;

Define the Profile Fields for each different Profile using Buddypress Profile Field Setup

Define access rights plugins: Capability Manager, WP Roles at Registration,

Membership System: Membership Premium, Members, Supporter,

I am also aware of other Membership Systems outside of WPMUDev but these listed are above are the ones I know of on here.

So to sum up, I have multiple Profile Types each with 2 different access levels (one Free, one Premium). Profile Types as I say can be simplified to 3 Types with 2 access levels to make things easier.

Anyone running multiple Profile Types with a Membership System is welcome to share how they have theirs setup. Anyone with any advice, thoughts, comments, anything that may help would be appreciated. Thanks guys,