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Thanks for any help.

I am running a premium theme called Parker. I have no coding experience & finding difficulty with some online explanations currently.

The Genesis eNews Extended widget came bundled with my theme & must have some code that has made the design fit into the theme of the blog. I have tested the 'Get on the List' name/email subscribe section of my website.

It appears the function works & redirects to the theme developers site - saying thanks for sign up and to confirm your subscription in a link in your emails. I have tested with numerous emails & i don't receive this link email. I don't understand what happens with peoples email addresses currently.

I assume that when using a test email address i should receive an email saying thanks for subscribing, confirm with link

I also don't like the fact that the user is directed to the website of my theme producer.

I had looked into using a mail list like that provided by mail chimp but I'm not entirely sure what fields to change with limited coding knowledge. I am happy with the current design on my website, just not the functionality

My site is opened for dev support.


  • Dimitris

    Hey there Tobias,

    hope you're doing good and thanks for reaching us!

    It seems that your theme author had some default data set in this widget, I presume the form action url in widget settings is one of them, that's why you've been redirected to their website.

    As I haven't used Genesis eNews Extended before, could you please follow the instructions (Youtube video) in plugin's documentation page?

    Let me know how that goes and if you experienced any issues so that I could try to replicate in my test end too. :slight_smile:

    Warm regards,

  • Tobias

    Hi Dimitris

    Thank you for the message. I appreciate your time.

    My understanding is in line with what you have said, however my issue comes in with this plugin.

    I understand the plugin is meant to work with, for example MailChimp & the link you sent has a guide on how to do proceed.

    I signed up to mailchimp and created a list, as instructed... however I then run into issues because the next step is to get the embedded code to put the form into your website.

    My theme already has the form in the correct style embedded, so as such I don't know what to do. I don't want to remove the current form as it's exactly the way I would want it (I.e. It fits into my theme)

    The subscription box can be seen on my homepage.

    The theme developer is not providing any resolution at this point - also pointing me to the plugin installation details

    Really lost with this one...

  • Dimitris

    however I then run into issues because the next step is to get the embedded code to put the form into your website.

    Viewing the video tutorial, you can see that you continue in MailChimp site to create a new subscribers form, but afterwards you don't use this form as is (for example in a Text widget) but you use the "action" parameter from it and use it in the Genesis eNews Extended widget, along with EMAIL,FNAME and LNAME labels.
    By doing so, the form will insert users in your Mailchimp list instead of theme author's list, but the styling of the form will still be handled by Genesis eNews Extended plugin, as shown in the end of the video tutorial. :wink:

    So, just follow the video instructions, create a "naked" form in MailChimp and copy the appropriate form action and labels in widget settings. This should be all!

    If you still struggle with that, please let me know in order to provide an alternative contact method and make this work for you. Just don't post any sensitive information in this thread as our support forums are public and well-indexed by Google. :wink:

    Take care and merry Christmas!

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