Genesis or Roll Your Own for Multisite?

Do you know how I can get this thread into the Multisite forum? I selected "Ask a Question" while I was in that forum and I did not see "Multisite" as a category option prior to posting.

I have designed a new website in Photoshop and plan to hand over my PSD to a developer. This theme will be used for a Multisite project. It's a very basic informational, B2B website. Just 10 basic pages with a blog. Nothing complicated. I manage all updates for my clients, which are rare and simple. The only thing they'll do is create and edit their blog posts.

I want the most stable code possible to give me the best opportunity to avoid issues during WP & plugin updates.

1. Would you recommend I have this site developed with Genesis or have it developed as a roll your own, without any framework involved? I've been recommended both, and was hoping to hear multiple recommendations for those of you reading this. By the way, I don't touch site layout code, so a pro developer will manage this part of the process for me.

If you recommend Genesis, is there anything that would cause a problem with Multisite?

If you recommend a roll your own solution, are there any suggestions you can make that I should be sure I share with my developer?

Thank you.