Genesis (StudioPress) users, help me get the WPMUDEV Infinite SEO plugin recognized by their framewo


If you're a StudioPress Genesis user, would you like to support my request there please:

Jut to clarify: I want the SEO features of Genesis to be disabled when using the Infinite SEO plugin. It works with other SEO plugins, but not this one because it is not natively recognized by Genesis.

Here is a copy of my post there

I'll be using the Infinite SEO plugin too. Please could you add it to your list of natively "recognized" SEO plugins? I'm asking this because this WPMUDEV plugin is most likely to be used in Multisite environments that are running several different themes. That means that we would have to edit not only one functions.php file, but every Genesis child theme that we pretend to use in our networks. This would not be optimal.