GEO my WP and Event+ Integration

Hi all,

I got many requests from users about creating integration between GEO my WP and WPMUDEV plugins. I will be working on better integration in the future but for the moment I created a simple integration between GEO my WP and events+. The attached add-on will simply geocode and add events location to GEO my WP when creating/editing events from the front end. And so, events will be searchable via GEO my WP without updating each event ( that created or edited in the front-end ) in the back-end as well.

The add-on will work only with the new version of GEO my WP which is still in beta, but pretty stable beta, version which is attached to this post as well.

GEO my WP, in very short ( For those who doesn’t know ), allows an advance proximity search ( based on address and distance entered ) for post types and Buddypress members. Here you can learn more about the plugin.

for those who already use GEO my WP below are few of the major changes in the attached version of GEO my WP:

1)This is a major update ( probably the biggest since the plugin’s initial release ) for GEO my WP. The main focus was on better structured code, code improvement, performance, better integration with add-on ( actions/filters ) and improvement of the backend.

2) Most of the code was redone and is now much cleaner and better structured using OOP.

3) The update takes care of major performance issues specially in the back end caused by the licensing system.

4) Many php and javascript files were removed which should results in better performance.

5) Code of the back end was completely redone for the first time since the first release of the plugin.

6) brand new shiny back-end interface.

7) Improved “Current location widget/shortcode”.

8) instead of using [gmw_results] to display results in a different page you should now use [gmw form=”results”]

9) You can now display the map of a search results anywhere on the page using the shortcode [gmw map=”form id”]. In order to use it you will need to set the feature “display map?” to “using shortcode” when editing a form

10) There are many other changes, improvements, new shortcodes and functions that i will explain in the future with the final release.