Get Fundraising plugin to show all digits of total goal, even if only collected lesser amount

Hi guys,

I’m creating a fundraising site to be online as soon as possible, using the Fundraising pluign and all is well, apart from one thing.

I have styled the plugin to have a background behind each digit, and to fit with 5 digits in total (no decimals)… Only to realise that the plugin only shows the digits for the collected amount, and not of the goal total.

I need to find a way to make it show 5 digits continuously, even if it means that there will be 0’s in front of the collected amount – i.e right-aligned but with a “fill-out” of 0’s for digits not yet reached.

As is, it looks very weird without 0’s in front.

I do not yet have it online anywhere, but I can install it on a live testserver if needed.

See screenshot, it might make a better sense then :slight_smile: