GET HTTP request via fsockopen or CURL


After, wamp had shown a "GET HTTP request via fsockopen or CURL" problem with the Dashboard API, I have installed xampp. It went well I got my first API key working with Dashboard nicely let's say on localhost/wp1. Then I installed another wp to the xampp localhost/wp2 When I enter username/email password the socket connects to get API key but it shows the same "GET HTTP request via fsockopen or CURL problem" I could still get other dashboard plugin working well? Then I checked whats going on with wp1 dashboard plugin it shows:

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Shortly after an F5 hit refreshing the browser, I assume it makes the socket function work then it brings the gravatar image, membership type as "Gold" but I think my membership type actually shown "Elite" here.

How do I get dashboard API key working properly more than one wp installation under the localhost?

I was searching to figure out a solution to inject my api key in to the db with a little help from phpmyadmin but it just not working that way there must be some serialised strings...

By the way, I have just got ampps installed and I will try two seperate wp installation again on that localhost as well just to see first API key will work and then the second will show the same problem as wamp and xampp env. did.