Get paid by Referral (need to find the right plugin)


Currently, I am promoting products for Amazon and other online retailers and getting paid for commission (using MarketPress plugin). Now, I need to find the right “referral” plugin where I can refer to my consumers to professional services (Just like where they refer their customers to professional services and get paid for referral).

I wonder will your Directory plugin or Pro Site plugin work with this concept?

Please advise and thanks!!


  • Bradley
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Arun,

    I did check and I am not sure if that will work quite well for my website. But let me ask you a question (multi-choice question) …

    Is this Affiliate Plugin?

    A) My website promotes products of others (ie and pays me in commission.

    B) Your website promotes products of mine and I pay you in commission.

    C) Both A and B

    Can you tell me what is the answer for this Affiliate plugin.

    Another question, does this plugin work well with MarketPress? Since this plugin works well with Pro Site and Membership.



  • Arun Basil Lal
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    Hey Brad,

    Its option B. You can have users sell your products through their websites and you can pay them a commission.

    Another question, does this plugin work well with MarketPress?

    The affiliate plugin is mostly for sign-ups, and MarketPress doesn’t have any sign-ups. So this is a little different from how you would see affiliate programs work with Amazon and other sites. For eg, you could setup Affiliates plugin to reward people who refer members towards your Membership site or Pro Sites site, but not towards your store.

    But I think that would be a cool feature. Hmm, can you start a new thread requesting that as a feature here?

    Open it under the Affiliate plugin. Thanks!

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