Get rid of banner at bottom of Blog Mu Theme.

What is the best way to get rid of the banner on the bottom of the theme "Blogs MU" THe banner says Get Started WIth Now For Free.

One option is that I can just switch it with another banner by just renaming and replacing the file name Banner.png, but how would I link it to something?

I just don't see anywhere in the site admin to control it.


  • thebutcher


    I tried to ad it in there, I made the banner that size and uploaded it in the media library then pasted the url picture code and all that appears is text for it. The site is I also saved one as an html file, when I uploaded it it said I couldnt because of the file type.

    Sorry for these noob things. I got another question but I guess I should save it for another post, but maybe it will save you time since is on the theme. It is about adjusting the very top color for the main bar. It is whitish grey when not scrolled down and kind of hides the sign in unless scrolled down.

    Thanks again for your time


  • Mason

    Hiya Brian,

    No worries about noob stuff. We all start out that way :smiley:

    The field you're working with here takes HTML input, so just a straight up link won't work. Actually, looking at it now that's not obvious so don't feel bad about that. Here's what you want to put into the field to make the image show:
    <img src="" />

    That'll make the image show up for ya. If you want to make it a link to your register page you'll need to wrap it in an href tag like so:

    src="" /></a>

    *Edit* Our code editor here hates me today. So above I broke up the href on separate lines. They need to be altogether.

    As to the second question about the admin nav bar, normally we like to handle these in separate threads (just to keep things neat and avoid reading through longer threads) but in this case we can probably tackle it here. The reason it looks grey at the top is because the background of the site is white. The bar itself is just semi-transparent. If you'd prefer it to have something like a black background all the time you'll have to edit that in the CSS - either directly in the adminbar.css or through using a child theme and editing the style.css.

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you need anything further.

  • thebutcher

    Many thanks, I got the banner working. And I know a new thread would of been better but thanks. Just a question though, about editing the CSS, Do I edit it in the Back end of the superadmin, or do I go through my host Cpanel, and what should I look for? I editied CSS before, but the MU is a littel confusing, I just don't want to edit something that I shouldn't.

    Thanks again,
    And I plan getting the full year soon.

  • Mason


    I personally prefer to download the files via ftp and edit them in my own code editor (espresso or TextMate as I'm on a mac) and then save and upload them when finished.

    You could also do it through cPanel if you wanted. If you're changing code frequently you'll quickly appreciate the syntax highlighting of a dedicated code editor. I'd say doing it through the Theme Editor in wp-admin is a last choice - and really not a good choice.

    I also noticed that your theme seems to be installed in an extra directory (I'm actually surprised that it's working for you as I didn't think it would work the way you have it).
    Your themes should be directly in the themes folder so like this:

    Yours currently looks like this:

    I'd recommend fixing that up before going any further. You should be able to make the changes via ftp program or through cPanel without losing your settings.

    To get accustomed to how themes are installed and setup checkout these materials:

    I'd read through the whole document, but you can skip through to the theme-specific section if ya like. We've even got some recommendations as to ftp and code editing software in there.

    Also, as you're beginning to look at theme customization I can't over-state how awesome firebug for firefox is. Tammie's done a great video tutorial on it and it's worth watching if you're wanting to pursue this as well:

    Hope this helps. Any other questions, just ask! :smiley:

  • thebutcher

    I am going to attempt to move the folders, I looked in my cpanel and saw what you meant.I am just affraid to screw things up, but then again, it is nothing of concern since it was just created.

    From above
    "Your themes should be directly in the themes folder so like this:

    Yours currently looks like this:

    I am trying to make sense, the directory that you stated "wp-content>themes>blogs-mu>" has other themes that I added such as bp social theme (which I used first) and has the child theme for social theme. And in the same directory I have twenty Ten plus a folder called (blogMU 1.0) and Buddypress Blogs mu-1.0) When I click on one of the (Blog Mu 1.0 folder) I see another folder called "themes" by itself, when I open it up it shows like 10 folders (activity, groups, forums ect..)(including Blogs Mu child) plus style.css, sidebar.php, header ect...

    The other folder called Buddypress Mu Blogs 1.0 folder under contains Docs, MU-plugins, Themes, and readme.html. The themes is empty and the plugins has the plugins that I tried to install there (but not working)

    I know somewhere I messed up, I had a little trouble installing the themes at first.

    So I guess the question is which should I move over to the correct path. Sorry again for taking so much time


  • Mason

    Hiya Brian,

    No worries my friend. We'll get this sorted.

    First, have a read through of the installation documentation and see if that helps clear things up:

    Basically our downloads here are a zip file with files (including another zip file) inside them. You want to unzip all these until you find a folder callled "themes" and upload those contents directly to the same folder "themes" under wp-content in WordPress. Should be the same directory as twentyten.

    It sounds like the folders from the download's "themes" folder may have been moved. If you need, just grab a new download and start again.

    The plugin file that is in mu-plugins in your downloaded folder goes into the same mu-plugins folder in WordPress. On new installs you may have to create this folder manually in wp-content.

    We have instructions on that here:

    Hope this helps!

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