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My course students are receiving this page when they reach the end of the weeks lesson.:

I post new lessons every Sunday, so the course is not finished. They have only completed what was available. But now they cant seem to get back into the course.

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi Mary,

    Hope you are doing good today. :slight_smile:

    Seems like we got disconnected via the chat, so I'm getting back to you via support ticket, if you are still have queries regarding your issue. In this context, what you have to do is, edit your respective course, and in the Students tab, as seen in the screenshot, click the Widthdraw link.

    Once withdrawn, you can re-add the same student, again by entering their username, and clicking the Add Student button.

    What the above steps does is remove the student, and re-adds the student once again, so that they could go through the course once again.

    I'm afraid, this is how the plugin works in general. I checked your course and signed up to the course, to see how you have currently configured it. Let me explain a bit on how the Course Works in general.

    A Course in general, has Units, Sections, and Modules. For each Unit, you can create a sections, and for each section you can create your own modules, like Text, Quiz, Multiple Choice Questions etc. So, you should be using Text Module, instead of adding any course content inside Section descriptions, Multiple choices modules for any checboxes etc

    A module is what, when an user inputs which gets graded, and when the following User needs to answer all required assessments and view all pages in order to access the next unit option is selected in the course unit, it'll make sure that the students doesn't go to the next unit, or section accidentally without completing the module.

    I could notice you have added the course in the form of only sections, there isn't any modules added, would recommend you to utilise the Modules, so that the users doesn't accidentally go into the next unit. And you could make use of the plugins full features.

    I hope this helps. Please feel free to open a new chat, or follow up via this support ticket, if you have any further query.

    Best Regards,

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