getdrip integration instead of mailchimp

I would like to integrate M2Pro with getdrip. I know how to use the getdrip API and write my own plugin, but searching the M2Pro API, I can't find a hook to use when the user's account is created.

So can you tell me what that is?



  • Ash

    Hello Dave

    We have a hook in M2 that can be used when any event is fired - 'ms_model_event'. Please check line no 546 of /wp-content/plugins/membership-2/app/model/class-ms-model-event.php file.

    The event names you can found here:

    const TYPE_UPDATED_INFO = 'updated_info';
    const TYPE_MS_SIGNED_UP = 'signed_up';
    const TYPE_MS_MOVED = 'moved';
    const TYPE_MS_EXPIRED = 'expired';
    const TYPE_MS_TRIAL_EXPIRED = 'trial_expired';
    const TYPE_MS_DROPPED = 'dropped';
    const TYPE_MS_RENEWED = 'renewed';
    const TYPE_MS_DEACTIVATED = 'deactivated';
    const TYPE_MS_CANCELED = 'canceled';
    const TYPE_MS_REGISTERED = 'registered';
    const TYPE_MS_RESETPASSWORD = 'resetpassword';
    const TYPE_MS_BEFORE_FINISHES = 'before_finishes';
    const TYPE_MS_AFTER_FINISHES = 'after_finishes';
    const TYPE_MS_BEFORE_TRIAL_FINISHES = 'before_trial_finishes';
    const TYPE_MS_TRIAL_FINISHED = 'trial_finished';
    const TYPE_CREDIT_CARD_EXPIRE = 'credit_card_expire';
    const TYPE_PAID = 'paid';
    const TYPE_PAYMENT_FAILED = 'payment_failed';
    const TYPE_PAYMENT_PENDING = 'payment_pending';
    const TYPE_PAYMENT_DENIED = 'payment_denied';
    const TYPE_PAYMENT_BEFORE_DUE = 'payment_before_due';
    const TYPE_PAYMENT_AFTER_DUE = 'payment_after_made';

    Hope it helps! Please feel free to ask more questions if you have any.

    Have a nice day!