Getting 4 of my "projects" to list on homepage

1. ME:
Hi. I am not a developer by any means but I have created several wordpress sites in the past and understand some basic html. I don't touch CSS - frankly it's stressful and scary and the two times I tried it had to have my site restored from a backup. This is to say I can understand instructions if they are clear.

To put it in a nutshell their support attempts through the several tickets have helped me get pretty much nowhere with the issues I am having.

3. $:
I cannot afford to hire a developer.

Perhaps WPMUDEV can help me get on track. We will soon see.

Username: -----
Password: -----
(Available on request should need you to see the back end)



My “projects” are not showing up in the projects container on the “homepage”.

How do I get projects to show up on the homepage? AS IN THE PHILANTHROPY DEMO

seen here:

I was told by themefuse support:

“If you will open the homepage in the dashboard, you will find there some shortcodes like the next one:

[projects post="349,347"]

Add there the IDs of the desired projects. Is that what you was looking for?”

The answer is “NO, that is NOT what I was looing for. Obviously that is already there and it is not working!

Where do I find these “IDs” of the projects he is mentioning?

Also, do you have any idea how I can edit the back end of the "OUR PROJECTS" page since it is not listed under "pages" or "our projects"?

  • Vaughan

    Hi Jacoby,

    Hope you're well?

    I have never seen or heard of that theme before, so you probably know more about it than we do here unfortunately, however, I can certainly take a look and try & figure it out.

    First of all, to get the ID's of the Projects.

    Go to Dashboard > projects > all projects

    Now hover over the project you want & you will see an edit link appear. Hover over the edit & in the browser you should see a URL popup.

    in the URL you will see something similar to /post.php?post=981

    The 981 is the project ID.

    Now enter the ID's in the Homepage shortcode (see screenshot)

    I have added 4 in the home page for you and they seem to display on front.

    Hope this helps

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