Getting 502 on Dev Dashboard plugin

Hi - (copied from another thread) I started getting a 502 on wp-admin for the last few days, problem is isolated to wpmu dev dashboard plugin - when it is deactivated site loads fine, otherwise I get a 502. The logs show:
WPMU DEV error: Upgrade failed - U001. The plugin is at the latest version.
[WPMUDEV Info] Project Auto-Upgrade result for 119: Failed..., referer:

And the entire admin panel doesn't load until I disable the plugin. I'm on the latest version too.

To be honest guys, I'd like to remove the dev dashboard entirely. I don't feel at all safe when breaking changes are auto updated into my and my clients sites. If I delete the dashbaord I get the worst nag prompts to install it again from the actual WPMU plugins I need - with no admin / UI ability to turn these off!! Not great.

Please advise when you get a chance, thanks