Getting a multisite live

My website was converted into a multisite last weekend. The site contains 93 plugins.

My development house was supposed to use the back-up from last Monday to migrate the site from a test environment to live, but made a complete mess of it.

Since I’m not a developer, my question is, are there specific instructions for migrating a multisite compared to a single site? Is it really that difficult to get a site live as an exact copy with all the functionalities in place where they were in the testenvironment?

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    Are you migrating to a new URL in the process? If so, it can be tricky (I’ve done so myself) as you need to do a find/replace on the domain name in the database, which can be troublesome.

    There aren’t really any instructions knocking around for this I’m afraid.

    I found I had to do a complete dump of the database (using ‘mysqldump’:wink: and then do a find/replace on the dump to replace the old domain name with the new one.

    Then, I imported that into a new database, copied the file structure to the new location and switched to the new database in wp-config.php

    If you’re not uber-comfortable with how the guts of WordPress work you might want to find a new developer to help you as there are lots of things to go wrong and it’s all too easy to get stuck.

    Sorry if that sounds scary – just wanna make sure you’re aware :slight_smile:


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