Getting an error on account creation "Order Accept Encountered Problems Mapped domain already e

This was working great, but we took a few months off to work on other parts of the site. Now, when someone tries to create a new account, provisioning fails.

So I go to admin for WHMCS and try to run accept the order and I get the "Order Accept Encountered Problems
Mapped domain already exists for :" error. The sub domain was specified properly, as was everything else. I cancelled the client's order and went through the process myself to make sure it was all done properly and it was. Still getting the error.

One thing I did notice was that when I'm on WHMCS's Pending Order screen, I don't see a username listed for the account. Not sure what the deal is there, or if that's normal. Just figured I should bring it up.

I'm running the most recent version of everything. Yeah, everything :slight_smile:.

Any ideas what could be causing this? Both the domain and title custom fields are there... It's just so strange.

Thanx in advance,