getting BuddyPress Activity+ and Sitewide Activity to play nicely together

hi. i'm having trouble getting BuddyPress Activity Plus to work well with another plugin, BuddyPress Sitewide Activity.

everything below is happening on my homepage, which is where i want to show the activity stream. the problem is not with the activity stream itself, but with the "what's new" form.

with both plugins activated and no customization, the Sitewide Activity widget does not load the Activity Plus buttons. luckily i found this article, which includes a custom plugin from WPMUdev that fixes that particular problem:

unfortunately, before i installed Activity Plus, i customized the Sitewide Activity widget to make the form look less, well, ugly. the heart of the customization was changing all the element IDs that started with "swa-whats-new" to the normal "whats-new". this not only triggered css consistent with the rest of the site, it also allowed the javascript tied to the "whats-new" elements to work. in particular, the javascript now hid everything in the form that wasn't the textarea unless the textarea was in focus. (is that right? 'in focus'?)

well, when i use those customizations, along with both Activity Plus and the plugin linking Activity Plus to the Sitewide Activity widget, not only does it break that link, it makes the entire activity stream disappear.

so i turn to you, my developer heroes. how can i use Activity Plus with a customized Sitewide Activity widget?

(fyi, right now the homepage widget is using the customized php script and no Activity Plus linking plugin.)