Getting confused about how many multi networks to run with.

I am running WordPress Multisite with BuddyPress and have recently installed BP Multi Network to support a separate BuddyPress network for each WordPress subsite.

What’s confused me is this … Now that I have separate BuddyPress networks at my subsites how do I establish BuddyPress pages – Activity, Groups, Members, etc – for each subsite? At the moment BuddyPress Settings – and therefore the Pages option – is only available at the Network Admin dashboard and not at the subsite dashboards.

Have I done the wrong thing assuming that WordPress Multisite is “the network”? By that I mean the instructions for BP Multi Network says that multiple WP networks can be created with either WP Multi Network or Networks+ … so does that mean I would need to install WP Multi Network as well (I thought that WP Multisite would be all I’d need).

If I take what’s said in the BP Multi Network instructions literally, then I’ll end up with the following network-based components:

– WordPress Multisite

– BuddyPress with BP Multi Network

– WP Multi Network

That looks like one too many network components to me … but maybe that’s what I need to get BuddyPress Settings available at my subsite dashboard.

So, should I go ahead and install WP Multi Network? If not, how do I get BuddyPress Settings available at my subsite dashboard?

Thanks … Michael