Getting confused over the plugin options for (Multisite) site admin menu customisation and plugin ma

I’m getting confused (I think).

I want to restrict subsite administrators from accessing the Plugins menu (as well as other menus) – but I still want the plugins that I choose to be in place at the subsite (but hidden from view – automatically) when the user chooses to create a new site – so they can’t add plugins themselves or modify the attributes/setting of those plugins, etc.

I thought I might be able to accomplish all of this with Multisite Plugin Manager, but I now understand that it can’t hide menus or allow access to menus on a role basis – which I understand you can do with a combination of the Admin Menu Editor and Toggle Admin Menus plugins.

So I’m now looking at using three plugins to achieve what I want – Multisite Plugin Manager, Admin Menu Editor and Toggle Admin Menus plugins – all three of which have received good comments in the WPMU Dev forums.

Does using those three plugins sound right, or do I have it completely wrong – in which case what should I use as an alternative?

Thanks … Michael