Getting domains (not subdomains) to map on multi-sute

I have Ubuntu 12.10 w/ LAMP stack and a Wordpress Multisite install that works. I have tried using the WPMU multi domain, I have tried also to use the Domain Mapping plugin. I'm not getting anywhere. I am able to create as many multi-site subdomain installs as I want, and they work properly, but I can't map to the primary domain.
(Example: Say my primary domain is, and I want to add another wordpress installation to my multisite using the domain The only thing I am able to do as far as I can tell, is install to *subdomain* My end goal is to have a wordpress install on, with no subdomain.)

What am I doing wrong? Is there some trick to this? Do these plugins not achieve what I'm looking to do? My IP is dedicated. I have everything set up correctly. The plugins work, just not how I had hoped... :disappointed:

  • Vaughan
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    What do you mean by another wordpress installation?

    Multisite allows you to create sites. But you only use the one install. You can't have 2 seperate installations of wordpress multisite on the same IP.

    You create the wordpress site, then turn it into a multisite following this >

    Once done you add a new site from the dashboard. You don't install a fresh new wordpress into a subdomain.

    It's easier if you just park the domain. Or you need to create A records in your DNS settings for the domain you want to map and make sure it's pointing to the IP of your main site.

    There's a full guide here for domain mapping.

    Hope this helps

  • Jessica
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    Sorry, I was ambiguous/used the wrong language....
    Install = new blog/site with different (non-subdomain domain), not an entirely new install of Wordpress.
    My concern isn't creating the new blog/site. I know how to do that. My issue is specifically related to being able to directly map to the primary domain. As stated in my previous comment, I already have a multisite install, and can create the new sites/blogs with unique domain names, but, only if I use a subdomain, but I cannot seem to map them to the primary domain.
    On the stack I worked with before at my old company, one of our back end guys wrote his own plugin to take care of this issue. I am wondering if it is possible to achieve what I'm looking to do with WPMU plugins.

    For further clarification:
    Primary domain:

    So, using a unique domain, I can create a website at, but not just on I need to be able to create a new site mapped to

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