Getting error message when mapping domain


I am trying to map a domain, but am getting an error message. I am mapping a domain that was purchased through Go Daddy. I cannot access DNS A record through them because the site is not hosted there, however here are the steps I have taken:

Changed Name servers at Go Daddy to point to the nameservers where I have my multisite install (Host Gator) and where the subdirectory I am trying to map is located.

Created an add-on domain on my Host Gator account and made sure the DNS A record is pointed to my IP Address

When I try to map the domain on the sub directory site, I get an error message saying the domain is not available.

When I manually type in the IP address (above) associated with my hostgator account, I get a 404 error. However, I have previously mapped a domain using this IP (although I parked the domain in that instance). I am using Cloudflare to cache the network, and am wondering if that effects the IP address. I tried pausing Cloudflare and am still having trouble…

Do I need to park the domain vs. using an add-on domain, or is there a bigger issue. Thanks for the help.