getting error when trying to turn off comments in the posts section

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I tried to turn of comments in bulk for 80 posts. The site just sits there and acts like its doing something but then times out and goes to a "this is embarrassing" page. I'm using firefox and it says this:

his is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

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  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello cornelius_butler

    The message that you're getting is not coming from WordPress, it's a browser failing, usually that happens due to some memory leakage which can actually be caused by the site "overloading" the browser but it's not a "direct reason".

    However, apart from this, I'm not exactly sure what do you mean by "turning comments in bulk". Are you using some additional plugin or tool for this? Can you tell me exactly how are you doing it (where and what are you clicking to do this)?

    Let me know please so I could check it on your site and on my test install.

    Best regards,

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