Getting Excerpts to Appear on Front Page

I'm trying to get excerpts to appear on the front page by adding in the function get_recent_posts of the custom-functions.php:

<p><?php the_excerpt(); ?></p>

just before (around lines 471):

<h3>option_value; ?>"><?php echo $options[1]->option_value; ?></h3>

But when I do it, for some reason it gives me the same excerpt from only one post and uses that one excerpt for all the other posts.

  • debbrancheau

    I figured it out!!! It's all in the library>functions>custom-functions.php file.

    I only changed it for Blog posts settings but I'm pretty sure it will work the same for Network posts (though the code would need to be altered further down in the file). I tool me 2 days of trial and error but the solution was uber easy once I found it.

    Step 1: Beginning on lines 404, you need to add post_excerpt to the list of things you want to SELECT from the $blogPostsTable. So just type ", post_excerpt" at the end of line 405 and line 413.

    Step 2: Paste this line of code: <?php echo $thispost->post_excerpt; ?>
    AFTER the next instance of (around line 474):

    <h2><a href="<?php echo $thispermalink; ?>"><?php echo limit_words($thispost->post_title, 5);?></a></h2>

    and BEFORE the next instance of (around line 476):

         if (isset($options) && sizeof($options) > 0 && $options[0]->option_value != '') {

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