getting jQuery messages in FB like posts

When we use the FB Like function in the Floating Social plug-in we get the following text appended to the Like post comments; "jQuery(document).ready(function(){ // init jQuery('.form-4f35da9165df2 #signup_email':wink:.val( …"

"jQuery(document).ready(function(){ // init jQuery('.form-4f34505f4fdec #signup_email':wink:.val( ( jQuery('#signup_email_first':wink:.val() ) ); jQuery('.form-4f34505f4fdec #signup_password_confirm':wink:.val( ( jQuery('#signup_password':wink:.val() ) ); // event handlers jQu..."

We have the latest version of Floating Social installed: v.1.4.2

Example page is here:

What are we doing wrong?