getting list of all features for each wpmu dev plugin

Does wpmu dev have any plans to provide a PDF file for each plugin that outlines all the features each plugin has? One of my clients plans to build a large site and will rely heavily on wpmu dev plugins (especially directory and classifieds) and wants to know all the features that each has in a simple PDF.


  • Michelle
    • Staff

    Hi Cornelius,

    How are you? At this stage all info about our plugins are contained in each plugins page. An easy way to make your client happy is, if you go to the plugins page. Then choose the plugin you need the features of.
    1. Go to the top right corner, click on the three stacked dots.
    2. Click print or use the short cut ctl + p. A print window will open.
    3. Change the detination setting to pdf.
    4. Look for pages. Click the button under all. Check the page numbers as you scroll to see which page or pages you will need include. EG. Type the number of the page/s you want included (1-5 or just 4)
    5. Click save.

    The document will be saved. If you need an example just let me know.



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