Getting Membership 2 Pro to work with BuddyPress

Hi there, I’m struggling to get my head round the required setup to make the following happen:

Members sign up for membership via Membership Pro 2 and pay via PayPal.

Each member effectively has a single page on which they can display information about themselves, including photos of their work. These member pages are only visible to other paid-up members.

As I understand it, Membership 2 doesn’t allow users to have their own member page out of the box, so I intended to use BuddyPress to do so.

The beta site is here –

Both plugins work fine on their own, but I can’t get them to use the same user info so you can login to your Membership Pro account and then edit your BuddyPress information.

I have activated the BuddyPress add-on.

How can I best achieve this please?