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Hello, I have tried researching this forum for about an hour, and have not solved it so I decided to open a support ticket. I am building my own theme using Upfront theme builder. I have managed to get the Meta Slider pro embedded into an article page, but after a lot of tinkering I cannot figure out how to get one embedded into the front page. I know this is a novice type of issue most likely, so bear with me I’m very new to coding. My goal is to have a slider on the front page that feeds from other blog articles in the multi-site. Thanks for you time.

  • Ed
    • Flash Drive

    Okay I figured it out after some more reading here. I used a text widget, and pasted the short code in the content area. Now one of the next steps will be programming the sliders to feeder from different sites with the network multisite. I want to be able to have all the blogs from one site filter into a slider on another site. If there’s any advice anyone can give I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Ed,

    Glad to hear you managed to figure out the way of adding slider to home page.

    About the other question, I had a look at Meta Slider but I don’t think it has an option to display network posts.

    We do have Post Indexer plugin that will index your network posts but in order for slider to display those it would require to have support for this and it’s something that Meta Slider developers need to look into.

    You can find Post Indexer plugin here:

    Best regards,


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