Getting my hosting landing page on A record mapped domains – server has 2 installs of WPMS – had thi

Hey there – this is baking my noodle so I hope you can help.

I’ve set up a simple WordPress MultiSite to host all my unused domains.

So, I set up domain mapping and added some sites, set up the A records as normal but all I see on the domains is the Site5 hosting landing page, see:

As examples – I picked these 3 for you as they are each registered by different companies.

I wonder if you can help at all? I’ve set up domain mapping just fine on another WP network on another server with the same host (Site5) so I’m loosing my mind working out what could be wrong?

I’ve tried spoofing IP’s from hosts files, purging DNS, all that jazz, no luck. Also, these domains have been left to settle overnight and still no luck.

I’ve checked and double checked wp-config etc, all seems fine install-wise.

The ONLY thing worth mentioning is the SAME server at has another large WordPress MultiSite install running on it. However DOMAIN MAPPING ISN’T being used on that?

Any ideas guys?