Getting Odd Characters in MarketPress E-mail

EDIT: So, they must be HTML tags? Cause when I posted this question, all the odd marks I asked about are gone? So, it's probably the e-mail client?

The Original Question:
So, when a user places an order, I get an e-mail outlining the details of the order. However, the details are marked up with odd characters that shouldn't be there. As an example, this is the first item on the list:

Soup: Daily Soup 2


What is "—" and "$" and why are they appearing in the e-mail? The "5.00" is the cost and the "1" by itself is the quantity, so those make sense, but the rest sure doesn't. This will be very confusing to our cooks who have to put together these orders.

  • Nastia

    Hello @Tyler, I hope you are well!

    The $ sign, is the currency sign. At this moment your selected currency sigh is a dollar sign $. You can change it by navigating to Store Settings -> General -> Currency Settings section and select the currency you wish to use.

    This sign "—" must be located in the email notification settings. To change the notification settings, please navigate to Store Settings -> Notifications -> Admin Notification Settings.
    Or this sign may indicate that no information has been submitted from the client.

    Please compare the text in notification setting with the email. Do they look alike?

    I can't say for sure that these are the HTML tags. HTML tags have different structure. Please have a look at the following HTML tags example:

    These marks have gone once you refreshed a page in your browser?

    Please advise,

    Kind Regards,

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