Getting PopUp Pro to do two things

Hi there WPMUDEV,

New but happy member here.

Just two questions, one easy and another potentially slighly more complicated.

I love the look and feel of PopUp pro, but for my purpose, I would like the box to show up when the user clicks a link - ideally without redirecting them to a new url.
i.e: They are on a page with 5 different pop-ups to choose from. They click one of them, that box pops up, and the page remains the same in the background.

I'd really really really like PopUp pro to work with LH Signing. This plugin just enables a shortcode to be put into posts, which, (after clicking a button), the user can click a button which essentially registered them as having 'signed a petition'. It's really simple stuff. You can see it in action here -

I am hoping, since PopUps Pro has a post-line interface for authoring the popup, that the LH Signing button could appear on it. But try as I might I can't get it to work!

Hoping you can help me with these issues.
I don't yet know javascript and php (though I am taking your courses) but have experience in c# and sql, so am happy to get my hands as dirty as needed.