Getting Started with Membership and bbPress

I'm just starting a membership site - I just have basic categories of posts and the new bbPress plugin. I'm trying to create the following levels:

Guest - can't see forums (I'd love Google to index though); can view and comment on all post categories but one.
Member - this is a registered user who can see the forums, but can't post topics or leave replies; still can't view one category.
Premium - full access to everything.

I think that I understand controlling access to the categories, but what about the bbPress rules? Does this have to be done by url?


  • Mason

    Hiya Jack,

    We haven't done thorough testing with the new bbPress plugin as it's still in beta, however, URL rules should work correctly to provide the levels of access you're wanting. If you completely want to block access to the forums - make sure you require bbPress to use the base slug. Then, create a rule in the URL Groups with that slug base ( and then make sure to click 'Yes' next to Regular Expressions on that page. Now all links to forums will instead go to your protected content/404/new account page depending on how you have it set up.

    Guest - can't see forums (I'd love Google to index though)

    Afraid there's no way to do this. If it's behind a login/paywall Google has to respect that as well.

    Hope this helps!

  • Jonathan

    bbpress relies heavily on templates. You'll see they've bundled the bbp-twenty-ten theme with the plugin - so if you want your own theme, a good place to start is by copying theirs and making your own :wink:

    And since you're going to be adding page templates to your theme you can use the built in membership functions to check a few thing like is the user a member, does he have a subscription, does he belong to x level, and x subscription etc.


    I'm not sure of all the places you can hook into bbpress, but I'm sure they are there, and if not you will be able too hook in down the line. I've only just started playing around. And I'm sure as more people get on board, the documentation, and support and customization stuff will be everywhere :wink:

    So to answer your last question wrap a if statement around those areas you want to protect:

    if ( current_user_has_subscription() ) {
    do post box
    } else {
    something like you need to be a paying member

    Hope that helps, it's still early days with regards to the bbpress plugin - it is for me anyways :wink: