Getting the Cheatin' uh? error message


After updating the E-Newsletter plugin, I'm getting the Cheatin' uh? everytime I save the newsletter.

Support access is ACTIVE

Hope you guys can help me as always.


  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @Jose, hope you're doing well today! :slight_smile:

    I do see that there's a jQuery error coming up in the console:

    customize.php:73 Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined

    The script in question that's trying to load it, and is running into issues, would be from our Membership 2 Pro plugin, but I'm not able to reproduce this over on my own test site. It's possible that there's something else interfering with the loading of jQuery for the Create Newsletter page.

    If you haven't done so already (which you may have), I'd advise doing a conflict test here, so we can narrow down the culprit here:

    I'd advise checking both the plugins & the theme here, so that we're not missing something. :slight_smile:

    Please advise,

  • tijmensmit
    • Flash Drive

    A client of mine has the same problem, and I also noticed a jQuery is not defined error. When I click on the error in the console it takes me to this line, which doesn't make sense to me.

    <# if ( data.attachment.image && data.attachment.image.src !== data.attachment.icon ) { #>poster="{{ data.attachment.image.src }}"<# } #>>

    I did track the jQuery is undefined error back to Nextgen Gallery. If I disable that plugin it works fine.

    Can anyone replicate the error with the both the newsletter ( ver ) plugin and NextGEN Gallery ( 2.1.17 )?

  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @tijmensmit,

    I'm able to reproduce this on my own site, not seeing that @Jose's site presently has that installed though. I'd say that we'd want to take your situation to a different thread, so that we're not mixing issues here. :slight_smile:

    Speaking of Jose, any news from when we last spoke? Did the conflict test I suggested turn up any culprits?

    Please advise,

  • Jose
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi @tijmensmit and @Michael Bissett

    Sorry for the delay here, my problem was NextGen Gallery plugin, for some reason they have conflicts. That's all I know for now, I'm working on the solution.

    Thank You Guys!

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