GIF Images Not Displaying Correctly on Hostgator Hosting

Hello Community!
I have a hair pulling problem that has been plaguing me for a few years now. I have quite a few membership websites (adult) that are based on uploads. GIFS in particular. I have websites hosted on GoDaddy as well as Hostgator. Buddypress Activity Plus works well on GoDaddy, but not on Hostgator. Here are the issues I have encountered:

1. GIFS can be uploaded, but a thumbnail preview is not available. It shows a "x", or small blank box depending on the browser you are using.

If I click the "X", the GIF does show up and work, but the thumbnail does not show up in activity feed correctly. I have installed Buddypress Activity Plus on a fresh website and installation of all required plugins. I did everything the same way on BOTH websites and GoDaddy worked, and Hostgator did not. This has been a on going issue for a few years now for me.
QUESTION: Is there something I can do within my Hostgator hosting account to fix this issue? One of my major membership websites is hosted on Hostgator and I would like to keep it that way. So I'm wondering if there is someway I can add/modify code within my Hostgator Wordpress installation or in my Buddypress installation that will allow the GIF preview to be viewable? I hope I am making sense. Any insight would help.
I included 2 pictures: The first picture is GoDaddy and the second is Hostgator.
Thanks for the help! Have a great weekend!