Gift Cert set up with shipping charge but with shipping address

I'm setting up a Gift certificate that requires NO Shipping..but requires variations so I'm trying to figure how to set it up so if a client purchases a Gift certificate it will not charge a shipping cost but will still allow an email and a shipping address. We're just not wanting to charge shipping. However, if they choose to purchase multiple products..shipping will be charged but not for the gift cert.

I know it can be done as a Downloaded product, however..this is not a downloadable product and I need variations for different amounts.

  • Vaughan

    Hi @Rick Cano,

    There isn't an easy way around this. Depending on which shipping method you are using, you could be a bit cleaver with the shipping calculations, for example, if you use the weight method.

    then set weight 0.01 & higher as 0.00 shipping cost, then 0.02 or higher as whatever cost you want. Then for all gift card products, make sure you specify that their weight is 0.01, that way, they will get free shipping, and anything over 0.02 would be charged.

    I'm not sure of a different way of achieving this unfortunately. Version 3.0 will have a lot more flexibility & multiple variations, but I can't give an ETA on when that will be released as yet.

    Hope this helps

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