Gift Certificates and Package Deals with MarketPress and Appointments+

We are using Appointments + and now Market Press so that we can offer coupon codes for our appointment services. I see that we can do % off and $ off service, but we need to additional features and I'm trying to figure out the best approach:

1) We need to be able to sell gift certificates that customers can use to redeem appointment services. We have a variety of services (60-minute reading, 90-minute reading, etc). How could this work? Can we specify the type of service someone is pre-paying for? Or are we limited to a dollar amount pre-paid?

2) We'd like to start some heavy marketing of our appointment services including package deals (e.g. buy 3 appointments for the price of 2; or buy 3 appointments for 50% off). How do we do this?

Note: We are also using Woo Commerce to sell physical products, so if there is a way we can integrate product packages using Woo, great.