Gift Certificates with Credit Card Payment Besides Paypal

Hi, I need to put a gift cert on a website but the problem is that if I use Paypal, which the cust has a Paypal acct, it makes it so that the customer can pay with a credit card, but to redeem the certificate they have to have a paypal account.

The client has a paypal account, but wants to be able to sell to people who just want to pay with credit card, but in order to redeem, they have to have paypal. This is not a big site and the client doesn't have a lot of products so they cant' spend a lot for set up on this.

Are there any free or inexpensive ways so that the cleint can take credit card payments and have the gift cert supplied electronically without having to have paypal account, or set up with one of the expensive companies?

Please advise.

Thank you!