Gift Certificates w/o Paypal

One of my clients want to sell Gift Certificates. The way I set them up on the site feels pretty much dated, even at the time I did it. What I have done was took WuFoo orders and redirected paying ones to a Gift Card site which then allows the customer to create a gift card.

While it works, it wasn’t meant to be THE solution, just something to “tie them over”.

I want something that’s a bit more fluent, but the closest I got to it is this plugin:

While I like the presentation and execution, the problem with this plugin is that it only supports Paypal. I wondered if there’s a way to make it work for

Or perhaps there’s a way to make a better the current system better.

  • Will Ashworth
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi @nufuture

    Stripe is a newer payment processor that has a really easy application process, takes less of a cut typically than Paypal, and is super-simple to integrate with. If you know a little bit about backend development, it wouldn’t be too difficult to integrate.

    If you want something simple, however, consider something like Gravity Forms. It’s a form builder that you can use to create your payment/donation form, then embed it on any page. They already support Stripe via a plugin.

    Here’s the plugin that integrates Gravity Forms with Stripe:

    Here’s a list of WordPress plugins that support Stripe.

    You could probably be configured (from a WordPress standpoint) in under an hour. Plugins installed, form created with all the right fields, etc.

  • NuFuture
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thanks. However, I’m trying to simplified the process for the client, which means one gateway. While Stripe is good, it means yet another gateway to keep track of.

    I’m trying to consolidated all methods of payment collection into one payment gateway.

    Well, at least it was worth asking. Thanks for trying to help.

  • Will Ashworth
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    No problem. I understand.

    However, from the client’s perspective, there’s no complicated sign up process with Stripe. You just create your account and you’re quickly setup and ready to go (no complicated, drawn-out underwriting process from what I understand).

    The client won’t notice different things happening with two different gateways, necessarily. They’ll just see deposits into the same checking account at their bank…where they originate from might not matter to them so much.

    You’d need to code your integration yourself, but if you want to single code-to-gateway that talks to different gateway providers, consider Open Gateway.

    They’re newer, but that’s what they were designed for. One codebase to talk to a number of different gateways …makes our job as developers much easier :slight_smile:

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